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Advanced Restaurant Management System (ARMS), developed for Computer Software Technology Sheridan Capstone project is an enterprise web application based on domain driven design principles and service oriented architecture. Much of the work is incomplete due to poor project management and project complexity. Focus has been primarily development of the application’s back-end and domain in hopes of faster front-end development time but resulted in a barely presentable client application. Given more time to implement more front-end features, that the application could a be a robust and flexible management system and development.


The Goal of this research project is to provide a cost-effective computerized point of sales system for the food industry that integrates all core business functionality and incorporates latest technologies
There are many restaurants in the industry that use antiquated computer systems to manage sale of products on the floor. These systems, while effective and in most cases stable, require substantial upgrades to its software capability. Hardware has vastly improved to allow smaller and faster software to run as POS systems.
The project aims to provide a low-cost, dependable solution that supports a variety of technologies while being flexible enough to accommodate future requirements. The software is a service oriented application primarily written in C# with a Microsoft SQL Server backend.

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